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Type 2: Diabetes Mellitus

Youth, maturity, success... We tear along the life without noticing traffic lights – because the main things are ahead, and we must catch EVERYTHING, HERE AND NOW. We forget to take proper rest, neglect a sleep, a tableful becomes a feast.

And, suddenly, we start growing stout, change a wardrobe, yawn at work, blood pressure “jumps”, legs ache, we feel ill at ease during sex, suffer thirst. And so we live and put everything down to “burning” at work, until some not very fine day we draw a sentence – Diabetes Mellitus type 2.

From this moment, our life has been divided into BEFORE and AFTER. We try to cheat the disease, periods of self-restraint with vapid food and “getting the third degree” at a gym takes turns with nervous breakdowns. We search for a “magic” tablet, which will allow indulging ourselves and stay unpunished, but the medical community is inexorable – only a diet and physical activity rescue, and drugs are at the 3rd place of honor.

Diabetes type 2 - does insulin work?

The most sorrowful is when, trying to conform to “international standards”, an immoderately stark doctor will «hook» you on the insulin with consoling you that the insulin will open the magic door to life sweets. IT’S ONE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS MYTHS – INSULIN WILL LULL YOUR PANCREATIC GLAND, LONG-TERM ADMINISTRATION OF IT IS A POINT OF NO RETURN, AND IT WILL NOT CONTRIBUTE TO WEIGHT REDUCTION, FOR SURE!

The matter is that if you have the 2nd-type diabetes (diabetes 2), a sufficient quantity of insulin is generated during a long period of time, but because of problems with receptors goal organs and tissues “do not see” it, at that excess fat is the main camoufleur!

What is type 2 diabetes symptoms and signs

So, the 2nd-type diabetes mellitus is caused by imperception of the insulin rather than by its shortage, at first stages even the hyperinsulinism is fixed. The result is one – continuously high blood sugar level has a destructive effect onto vital organs, tissues, first of all, vessels and nerves, which brings to development of a whole bouquet of difficult symptoms of type 2 diabetes:

  • Weakness, drowsiness;
  • Leg pains, trophic ulcers;
  • Weight gain;
  • Thirst, frequent urination;
  • Impotence, infertility;
  • Decrement in visual acuity.

Modern endocrinology pushes the patient into the vicious circle: vapid food and energy-sapping exercises, which, finally, result in chronic stress, psychic tension and depression, and it by itself, because of complicated suprarenal mechanisms, raises blood sugar level and entails accelerated development of complications. WE OFFER ANOTHER WAYOUT!

Stem cell treatment for diabetes: type 2

The complex stem cell therapy for diabetes type 2, which we have developed, ensures:

  • Detoxication, including “cleansing” of receptors;
  • Revival of died receptors, i.e. elimination of insulin resistance;
  • Restoration of died nerve endings and formation of new, “young” vessels instead of the ones “killed” by high blood sugar level.

The 5-day course of stem cell cure for diabetes type 2, which we offer, allows stabilizing the blood sugar level, minimizing medication, refusing from the unreasonably prescribed insulin or maximally reducing its dosage, and eliminating vascular, neurological, sexual, renal and ocular complications caused by the 2-type diabetes mellitus!

Advantages of stem cell therapy for type 2 diabetes

  • Refusal from the insulin, minimization of medication, end of the “pharmacy slavery”;
  • Safety;
  • Action not only on the disease consequence, but also on its cause and development mechanisms!;
  • Prevention and treatment of complications;
  • Extension of the “window of opportunities” of normal life for the patient and his/her family.

Type 2 diabetes treatment with clinic PLUS

Development of adequate methods of selection and preparation of the patient for stem cell therapy for for diabetes type 2 has become the main achievement of our clinic. In short, it’s the “3D” rule:

  • detoxication,
  • disinfection,
  • desensibilization (deallergization)
before implanting stem cells for diabetes type 2.

We involve several doctors majoring in the fields necessary for our client in these processes – such concept was called “collective family doctor”. Another innovative methodology of our approach is combination of systematic (intravenous, intramuscular), pharmacopunctural (along biologically active points) and local methods of implanting various (pluripotent, hemopoietic, neurologic) stem cells, which optimizes their effect!

Stem cell cure for diabetes type 2 in Ukraine (Europe)”

After you fill in the questionnaire, our specialists will give clear-cut answers to your questions, outline treatment prospects, volume, terms and price. If required, we provide visa support, reception at airport and transfer.

Post-treatment information support of the patient is an obligatory principle of our work; we continue taking care of your health even after completion of the main program!

We have been for over 8 years in the medical service market of Middle East (Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Algeria, Morocco, Libya – these are far from being complete medical care geography).

Be healthy!