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Liver desease treatment

Liver desease treatment

The main causes of the affections of liver are:

  1. Viruses (A, B, C etc.).
  2. Toxins (medications, alcohol, drugs, professional harmful).
  3. The affection by own antibodies (autoimmune aggression).
  4. The metabolic disturbances

The treatment of any there livers affection has some general stages:

  • Excluding causes acting – for virus hepatitis – it is antivirus therapy (interferon). But such approach such negative sides as high cost, side effects, long term of treatment (1 year for 1st genotype of hepatitis C). The stem cells application allows to replace of interferon's therapy or to decrease the doses and duration and minimize of side effects. It proves the increasing of antivirus immunity. It is the interruption contact with toxic agent for toxic hepatitis. This stage includes the hormones and chemotherapy for autoimmune hepatitis; it leads to much side effects. Stem cells applications proves immunomodulation without chemotherapy. Fat hepatoses needs, first of all, the diet.
  • Devastation – the elimination of toxins, antibodies, medications etc with using of the intravenous infusions and efferent therapy (sorption, etc);
  • Regeneration – we apply the species metabolic medications for preparation stage (it provides the metabolisms normalization). The stem cells application provides the renewal of the livers tissue on the deeper level and allows to get more long-term effect.

Stem Cells Therapy provides effects in 70 – 80% of accidents:

  1. The improvement of quality life: tone and sleeping will be better, itch and yellowness are decrease; stool will be better.
  2. The decreasing of doses medications, sometimes – refuse.
  3. The prevention of cirrhosis, sometimes cirrhosis regression, the prolongation of life and the improvement of the quality life!