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Erectile dysfunction treatment (ed treatment)

Erectile dysfunction treatment (ed treatment)

You are talented and successful: moved mountains, earned money, won camel racing and at the moment, when you decided to justly relax in the driving seat of a luxurious Rolls Royce, a misfortune have waylaid you – the symbol of your success refuses to start – and all achievements fade away. The man who appeared to be incapable in bed feels much worse, since it was proved long ago that practically everything that we do in the world – we do for them, women, and sexual harmony is the most significant award for our efforts.

If defeats haunt us continuously – the “domino effect” commences – we lose drive for successes in other undertakings, begin trying to substitute absence of satisfaction for various harmful stimulants, acquire a bouquet of other diseases (hypertension, overweight, diabetes mellitus) and complete the vicious circle with the feeling of frustration – and finally we become chronic losers.

Sexual impotence treatment with stem cells

We start off with good news: in the XXI century you problem is solvable practically in 100% cases! Besides, at the very beginning let’s define what we will not undertake: we are not going to “hook” you on Viagra and threaten with operative impotence therapy! Moreover, we are not going to hold fruitless discussions regarding “who must work with you – urologist or psychologist”. We just will invite you to our club of resilient men, where, first of all, we will puzzle out the underlying cause of the problem. The PROGRAM, which we have developed, allows identifying a perpetrator with sniper’s accuracy, and when the cause is clear – elimination thereof is a matter of correct calculation.

Effective erectile dysfunction medicine

Within 2 days we will assess the state of your mind, sleep, vessels and nerves of the genital system, prostate gland and endocrine profile, whereupon the cause will be plainly visible! Subsequently, you proceed with a 5-day course of treatment and preparation of your body for administration of stem cells - the best medicine for impotence in men.

By the way, you must have heard not only positive, but also negative comments about this method, alleging that it not always works. Everything is fairly simple, since even conventional drugs help far from everyone. Doctor’s mastery consists in answering the questions: why, when and how, before assigning one method or another. 13-year experience of work with stem cells allowed us getting answers to these questions, particularly, when solving your problem. That’s why the course, which we offer, in 95% cases will allow achieving the following: sexual harmony and a concurrent pharmacological independence or minimization of medication with the effect lasting for at least one year!

Advantages of our methods of treatment of impotence include:

  • Individual approach;
  • Systematicity;
  • Concerted management by several doctors;
  • Absence of side effects of curing impotence;
  • Comfort and painlessness of procedures;
  • Minimization of chronic medication as a result of treatment;
  • Long-lasting effect of impotence therapy

Erectile dysfunction therapy - reviews

We do not disclose all our secrets, but the main one of them is combination of ways of administration of stem cells to a properly prepared patient!!!

The matter is that quality erection (just as sexuality) is not an isolated function of genital organs, but the result of concordant interaction of several body systems (nervous, endocrine, vascular, urogenital), and functioning thereof is the subject of our focus. A multidisciplinary case management team is involved in, if necessary, in the course of treatment – this is our second technology, in addition to administration of stem cells, which we call a “collective family doctor”.

Another important detail: when we say good-bye to you at the end of treatment, we always say the phrase: the work is not over, the work has just begun – after all, final fixing of the effect will happen after you return home, and we will accompany you after you depart using telemedicine methods.

Male erectile dysfunction cure

ED or Erectile dysfunction – the state of the impossibility to arrive and/or to support the hardness of penis which it is enough for satisfactory of sexual intercourse.

Causes of ED:

  1. Minds problems: anxiety, depression, insomnia.
  2. Hormonal disturbances:
    • Testosterones deficiency;
    • Diabetes mellitus;
    • Thyroids problems;
    • Hyperprolactinemia;
  3. Vascular disorders: the inflows insufficiency and/or venoocclusive dysfunction.
  4. The nervous conductions and sensations disturbances (multiple sclerosis, neuropathies).
  5. Intoxications:
    • Medications;
    • Alcohol;
    • Drugs-addicted;

The traditional method of impotence treatment are: Viagra, Levitra, Sialis are provide the erection “on demand”, it is not always effectiveness, it have side effects and it needs constant application. Main causes of the low effect of the medications treatment of ED are the absence of the influence for structure level of erections providing. Classic treatment promotes, basic, the influence to the functional level erections regulation – biological active substances!

Impotence clinic in Ukraine (Europe)

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If you fill in the form “ASK THE DOCTOR” in advance, it will be easier for our doctors to forecast treatment. If the information which you have provided is not enough, you will receive an additional questionnaire.

Thereafter, you will be able to get to know precisely what result of treatment at our clinic to expect.

Treatment procedure: within 2 days we will completely assess the state of your health! Subsequently, you proceed with a 5-day course of ed treatment and preparation of your body for administration of stem cells.

When you return home after treatment, we accompany you using telemedicine methods via WhatsApp / Viber services.

Our clinic works with patients from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kingdom of Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, Kuwait, Egypt, Tunisia, Oman, Morocco and other countries.

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