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New anti aging treatment

New anti aging treatment

Returning of the youth – is one of the oldest and most cherished human aspirations. But in order to properly formulate the problem, you need to understand: and what is aging, where the Rubicon, beyond the threshold of which the person understands that the autumn of life is not far off? Probably, the most important milestones of our capacity is the ability to think, love and move! When a person feels that these functions are weakened, he sadly or with panic realizes that "he is going from the fair..." It is believed that for a man – it is a woman - appearance. This is only partially true, more detail about genital differences of rejuvenation will be discussed below., first of all, sex for

In other words, the main tragedy of aging men, "I can less ...", and the women - "I now they do not want me ...".

Really, the main "points of extinction" of our body is the brain – memory and cognition are weakening; connective tissue (primarily its key protein collagen), responsible for the tone of the skin and, therefore, for the beauty and elasticity of ligament-articular apparatus, that is, the ability to move; and finally, the sex glands, providing the desire and the ability to love, and indirectly, it is proven that affect the quality and durability of the first 2 points!

Anti wrinkle treatments that work!

All the existing methods of rejuvenation, unfortunately, affect the investigation, rather than the causes: for example, hormonal fading are treated by using hormone replacement therapy, administered to a patient missing hormones in the form of pharmaceutical preparations.

This approach, first of all, requires a constant dose of medicines, and secondly, and most importantly, finally lulls its own hormonal system, and dose of medications becomes necessary for term of life. Happy is not patient but pharmaceutical industry

Another example - the aging of brain: designate aids to improve cerebral blood flow and brain nutrition (nootropics), but unfortunately, they do not "get" to the neural structures that have already died and are not able to resurrect them.

Finally, to deal with sagging skin is possible by surgical techniques or injection of alien chemical substances (botox, gialuronka), and possible - introducing the stem cells for anti aging (fibroblasts), which will renew the synthesis of their own young collagen, which is responsible for the beauty!

Natural anti aging stem cell therapy for skin rejuvenation - non surgical anti aging treatments

The use of stem neyrocells will replace dead neurons, revive dead link between them and will give Your brain a second youth, and the use of drugs of placental cells newly launch the production of sex hormones. In other words, the conventional treatment - is often a pharmacy slavery and short-term effect, and the use of anti aging stem cells in the stem cell rejuvenation will extend effect at least 2 - 3 times!

As of today there is no optimal solution to the problem of old age. Unfortunately, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons examine such clients, that is carried out on the impact of the investigation and undeservedly forgotten causes, which should be dealt with endocrinologists, neurologists and immunologists. EXACTLY THESE SPECIALISTS (anti aging medicine doctors) ARE INCLUDED TO OUR COMPULSARY PROGRAM OF stem cell treatment for skin rejuvenation IN OUR CLINIC, AS WELL AS ANDROLOG( FOR MEN) AND GYNECOLOGIST (FOR WOMEN).

Effective anti wrinkle treatment - stem cell anti aging injections

During 5 - 7 days of staying we conduct a full examination of "aging points" and carry out stem cell therapy for aging as a systemic and local, aimed at problem areas !!!

This approach provides a soft, natural and, more importantly, long-term effect. In other words, OUR METHOD OF CELL THERAPY ENSURE THE QUALITY AND LONG-TERM EFFECTS COMPARABLE TO SURGICAL TREATMENT!!!

Stem cell skin rejuvenation advantages:

  1. The absence of side effects.
  2. Impact on the cause, not the consequence.
  3. Free bonus - general health improvement; a young should be healthy.
  4. "Surgical" effect without surgery.
  5. Long-term effect without cosmetic and pharmacy-slavery.

Perhaps, it is enough, because the results of stem cell skin care in our clinic is better to see once than to hear 100 times!!! (see photo above).

How it works with anti aging clinic “PLUS” - Ukraine (Europe):

For more information about the services of our clinic, you can ask any question on our website, by clicking on the "Ask the Doctor" button.

After filling the form, our specialists (anti aging doctors) will clearly answer you questions, outline a perspective and scope, time and cost of organic anti aging skin care treatments.

If necessary, we provide visa support, meeting at the airport and transfer.

The obligatory principle of our work is information support of the patient after treatment, work with Your health continues even after the main program ends!

Guarantee: we guarantee the absence of complications, the real information about the effects of the treatment, its duration and the recommendations on your part!

More than 8 years Institute of Family Medicine PLUS is in the market of medical services in Ukraine as well as in Middle Eastern countries (Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Algeria, Morocco, Libya - this is an incomplete geography of medical care).

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