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    The regenerative medicine is the branch of modern medicine. It has been using the biotechnology methods (which includes – stem cells) for the treatment of different illnesses, such as diabetes mellitus, vascular pathology, neurological diseases (multiple sclerosis, stroke, etc). This future-oriented therapy, it presents us the new horizons and possibilities.

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    Stem cells applications provides positive influence on both types diabetes mechanisms of the development.

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    Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
    Stem cells are able to affect on all major body systems (nervous, immune, and hormonal) providing a comprehensive therapeutic effect


Stem cell treatment

Each of us – successful, rich and beautiful – is not safe from the situation, when minor ailment, which we do not pay attention to, degenerates into an unfortunate or harrowing diagnosis dividing the life into “before” and “after”… We have been diagnosed with a chronic or fatal disease and further variants are joyless: limitation of life pleasures, lifetime medication (if one is lucky), visiting a surgeon for, in many cases, disabling intervention or a notary for drawing up a will… It was so until recently, before doctors have had human construction bricks – human stem cells – in their arsenal.

Now, old age, pancreatic diabetes, vessel diseases, heart attacks, blood strokes, liver problems, rheumatic diseases, sexual problems are no longer a sentence to life imprisonment in the disease. Rational administration of stem cells allows retaining and multiplying life pleasures while having these and many other diseases!

Effective stem cells treatment

Medicine at the “pre-stem” age was an interaction of therapy and surgery; not in vain, the conventional wisdom that “surgery is good, because therapy is bad” was popular among doctors, and, alas, very often, therapy threw up its cards and the patient fell into the surgeon’s hands, a wonderful creation – human body – was shredded with the scalpel for the sake of saving the life. Therapy also, not infrequently, was of “pharmacological slavery” nature, when, once having caught a disease, a man set himself up for taking costly and not so much enjoyable drugs for life.

The reasons for such situation

Superficial action of existing therapies, when their effect removed symptoms without eliminating the underlying cause or, at the best of times, “top-slid”, i.e. worked upon, the functional level, without touching deep structural changes, - was the reason for such situation, it was the “surgeons’ kingdom”.

Uprisal of stem cells has expanded conventional boundaries between therapy and surgery in favor of effective therapy with long-lasting effect!

What is stem cell: information you need to know

Stem cells are universal predecessors which, as they develop, are capable of turning into various body cells: muscle, bone, vascular, neuronal, hepatic, cardiac and many other cells. When they are implanted into the human body, they unaidedly find the lesion and migrate to it (homing effect), and then, as inspired by the microenvironment, they turn into the specific-type cells. These unique properties allowed using the cells in therapy of many diseases, which had previously been considered as incurable!

As the biotechnological regenerative medicine technologies developed, the methods of getting and preserving stem cells have diversified. Presently, stem cells can be extracted from various sources:

  • human embryo (embryo-fetal cell),
  • cord blood (umbilical cells),
  • own bone marrow,
  • fat,
  • and simply peripheral blood of the patient (autologous cells).

As our knowledge about regeneration (restoration) laws has grown, we have developed differentiated indications for use of various cells, as well as individually selected therapeutic regimens for various diseases.

Stem cell clinic PLUS - stem cell Institute of Family medicine

Development of adequate methods for selection and preparation of the patient for stem cell cures has become the main achievement of our clinics. After all, regeneration is the biological process, which requires certain conditions and preconditions, which we create in the body before implanting the cells. In short, it’s the “3D” rule:

  • detoxication,
  • disinfection,
  • desensibilization (deallergization)
before implanting stem cells.

We involve several doctors majoring in the fields necessary for our client in these processes – such concept was called “collective family doctor”.

Another innovative methodology of our approach is combination of systematic (intravenous, intramuscular), pharmacopunctural (along biologically active points) and local methods of implanting stem cells (stem cell injections), which optimizes their effect! Multiyear practice has shown that such approaches allow achieving MAXIMUM LONG-LASTING EFFECT WITH REFUSAL OR MINIMIZATION OF MEDICATION FOR A SIGNIFICANT PERIOD OF TIME!

Well, such approach will require quite heavy time expenditures, but health is not the thing to save, and the week spent with us instead of standard 2 – 3 days, which are practiced by many other clinics for analogous therapy, will be generously repaid in future, when you will not have to spend your time and money for visiting doctors and drugstores for a long period of time!!!

Advantages of our methods of treatment:

  1. absence of side effects;
  2. sustained effect from 6 months to several years;
  3. minimization of medication, up to complete refusal of it;
  4. possibility of refusal of surgical treatment;
  5. prevention of development of fatal complications of chronic diseases (heart attack, blood stroke, blindness, gangrene, impotence);
  6. overcoming “DESPAIR THRESHOLD” in many diseases;

Well, and finally, we observe the ancient, as doctoring, Hippocratic principle “Primum non nocere! (First, do no harm)” – our methodologies do not cause side effects. So then, Godspeed, after all, a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step and the road will rise to meet the one who walks it.

Stem cell treatment in Europe (Ukraine)

For getting more details about services of our clinics, you can ask any question of your interest in our site by clicking the box “Ask the Doctor”. After you fill in the form and receive an answer to your question, in order to receive a more detailed treatment plan and definite answers, you will have to fill in our simple questionnaire.

After you fill in the questionnaire, our specialists will give clear-cut answers to your questions, outline treatment prospects, volume, terms and price.

Whenever required, we provide visa support, reception at airport and transfer.

Post-treatment information support of a patient is an obligatory principle of our work, we continue taking care of your health even after completion of the main program!

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